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My name is Ted Lyddon Hatten; I am an artist and a theologian. My work is best described as theopoetic and multidisciplinary.

As a visual artist, I work with a variety of media, favoring those that are gratifying to work with and bring additional layers of meaning. The materials I use include myrrh, liquefaction, coffee grounds, beeswax (encaustic), dry pigment, egg tempera, grain, gunpowder, glass, sand, and salt.

I use photography as a tool to explore the world, and to express my workparticularly installations, dry painting, and other pieces that are inherently ephemeral.

The themes that recur for me include beauty, brokenness, compassion, justice, and belonging. Fields of inquiry for me are ornithology, neuroscience, visual perception, theology, natural science, and color theory.

I am currently the Director of the Wesley Foundation and adjunct professor at Drake University. My studio is located in Indianola, Iowa.

Artists, writers, thinkers who shape my work include: Annie Dillard, Tobi Kahn, Georgia O’Keefe, Makoto Fujimura, Ched Myers, James Carse, Bern Heinrich, Elaine Scarry, Andy Goldsworthy, and Emily Dickinson.

My work has been seen here:

  •     Festival One (New Zealand)
  •     Yale Divinity School
  •     Loyola University Chicago
  •     Drake University
  •     Carnival de Resistance
  •     Quad City Art Center
  •     Cairn University
  •     United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities
  •     San Francisco Theological School
  •     Purdue University
  •     William Jewell College
  •     Wild Goose Festival
  •     Drew Theological School
  •     Simpson College
  •     Eastern Mennonite University
  •     Kinsler Institute
  •     The United Methodist Church General Conference

You can contact me here

And follow me on Instagram: @tedlyddonhatten